Special Delivery

Happy Titty Tuesday Loves.  Here is a special delivery hot off the Guiltless press from me to you…mwah! I didn’t mean for this to happen.  Yes, I often dreamt about it, but I never expected it to manifest in real life.  I would wake from these dreams, wet, aching,  heart fluttering, and almost ashamed of Read More

She Turns Me On

Happy Titty Tuesday my loves 🙂  Today I have a little something special for you.  It’s been on my mind for over a month and I finally decided to share.  Enjoy…   It was a beautiful day.  The sky was blue with gentle wisps of white highlights.  The temperature was almost perfect but the stillness of Read More

Sexy Little Fuck Doll

Happy Titty Tuesday, Loves 🙂 This one is different for me and I’m not sure if you will like it or not…hopeful you do. Mwah! A couple of years ago, I moved in with my friend and her parents.  There were problems in my home and…moving in with them while I was still in school Read More

I Want You…

My loves, this is just a sweet little something for you.  I’ve not forgotten you, I promise… I want… to feel you breathe with me   I want… to nibble on your lips and suck on your tongue   I want… you to bite my neck and kiss your way down my spine   I Read More

The World Knows: I’m Your Girl

Happy Titty Tuesday my dear readers…I have been neglecting you by not giving you babble, but alas I will still give you my naughty thoughts.   Here is a little something to get you thinking.  Remember, there is a world to explore and it is sexy! I had hoped you weren’t the jealous type, I tend to Read More