Hey Mr. SuperStar DJ!

I’m not much into the TV or Radio.  Seems like a bunch of crap on tv and the radio repeats and repeats and repeats.  But, there happens to be a local radio personality that I listen to almost every day.  He seems to have a great personality, he’s silly, and most of all I am Read More

Good Girl Gone Naughty

What day is it? Titty Tuesday of course!  This is a naughty little something that is a bit different for you.  See what you think and enjoy… There once was a little girl who lived a thousand miles away.  Every one believed she was a very, very good girl and though they thought she was Read More

Blindfolded and Ready

Yesterday’s post was an email I had sent someone a while back.  Today’s post is about the  experience I had from an email I sent Friday.  Sometimes girls, you have to be aggressive to get what you want.  A lot of men have reverted to pussy footing around when it comes to us.  I completely understand considering Read More

I Want You So Bad

Happy Naughty Saturday Readers.  Today I have a little something from the archives.  It’s an actual email I wrote to a friend a while ago.  I’ve had a few amazing experiences beginning with emails like this… I’ve had dreams of being forced into sex by men, dreams of being controlled and fucked.  I had dreams no Read More

Some Control, Any Control

I haven’t forgotten you, Readers 🙂  Happy Titty Tuesday!  Enjoy this little tidbit… I want to feel you next to me…Feel your warmth…I feel the muscles of your neck as my lips kiss their way down to your shoulders.  I want to play again, I don’t want to wait another minute to have you inside Read More

Just Fucking Fuck Me, Already

Happy Titty Tuesday Dear Readers.   I’m feeling a bit lazy today but yet I wanted to fulfill my naughty obligations to you.  I found this many moons ago and kept it because of its blunt truth.  If I could meet the lady writer of this ad, I would give congratulate her for being the stand up woman that Read More

The Weekend Part 2

Hi my loves, Here is your Saturday naughtiness and if you haven’t read The Weekend Part 1 yet, you better… After the picnic and back at my place… I grilled the steaks and got the salad, fruit and wine out. I decided to put on a different little sundress, nothing spectacular and barely enough to cover Read More