The Weekend Part 1

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers!  With my upcoming “meeting” today, I thought this was appropriate…Enjoy! I have wanted and waited for so long  to have one full, lustful weekend with you.  Well, now it will happen.  I am feeling AMAZING.  I can only dream that the anticipation will be half as wonderful as the weekend itself.  Read More

Good Morning

Happy Naughty Saturday Readers!  Hope you had a lovely holiday.  Here’s a little something to warm you up…Good Morning 😉 Rolling towards you I put my leg between yours, I want to feel your body heat, feel you breathe.  I softly kiss your ear and neck running my fingers lightly across your shoulders, down your Read More

Thanksgiving & Football Hooray!

It’s finally that time it all comes together…Turkey and Football!  I thought it would be a good time to share some things that might make you giggle like a school girl.  Your challenge is to say each of them today!  Ready….GO! Naughty Things you can get away with saying on Thanksgiving: Talk about huge breasts! Read More

Easy Peasy $100 Baby!

Aaron Stevens got away with $5 million and went on the run in The Pineville Heist.  Now you have a chance to get away with $100 by taking in this cracking new thriller that’s on the way to becoming a movie! Check out THE PINEVILLE HEIST can win a $50 for and a $50 Read More

Last Chance

Happy Naughty Post Day Readers!  Here’s a little something for your weekend.  If you have a flight tomorrow or next weekend, keep this in mind and remember…procrastination might keep you from a good thing. I went out there with no thought of sleeping with him.  Of course there was a little thought, but I wasn’t Read More

After Work

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers!  This is the continuation of The Ride Home.  Hope you enjoy this little tidbit 🙂 We’re finally home from work and I kiss you slowly as your hands move from my waist up my body to my breasts.  You pinch my nipples and I whimper while I grind my hips on yours.  You Read More

Sunday Funday

It’s not my normal naughty story day but this is NSFW.  Just be advised Dear Reader… Today was interesting and I wasn’t going to post about it but it’s the only thing on my mind.  Let me back up to last night.  I was having a random chat with an acquaintance and it got sexual.  I Read More

Pounding Skin

Happy Saturday Readers,  Are you ready for a little adult fun to start the weekend?  Hope you like my little adventure… I had been planning something special for this day for a very long time.  My original plan was to meet the man of my dreams, have a year engagement, and marry him in a beautiful beach ceremony Read More

The Ride Home…

Hello my lovelies,  This is straight from a series of text messages to Mr. Super Sexy.  It’s not very developed but I thought you might enjoy it as he did… I pick you up from work after leaving you 8 hrs earlier with a raging hard on and your mind in the gutter. When you Read More

Break Time

I’m sorry readers.  I couldn’t wait until next week to post something secret sexy.  Can we take a break?  Hope you don’t mind…This was inspired by a friend.  I just made it my own with a twist.  I”m sure he wouldn’t mind.   Hey Handsome 🙂   That was amazing!!  I can’t believe we pulled Read More

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