11. Mucking Around

“Heather,” she said, “that’s her name MawMaw.  She’s the one who ruined everything for me and Jack and now he’s just gone! Nothing has quite been the same since that bitch came into our lives.”

“Now honey, she has been out of the picture for awhile.  You need to get her out of your head,” MawMaw said, “and you need to stop talking like one of those ghetto boys.  You’re a lady, so act like it.”

“MawMaw, how do I know he isn’t with her somewhere?  How do I know he isn’t with anyone?  He can’t just…be alone somewhere, can he?” Amanda asked rhetorically.

“Girl, ain’t no redhead, white girl going to steal a man’s heart from a beautiful girl of color.  We have a certain charm that men can’t resist once they get a taste.  Jack has always been yours.  He just let the drink get ta him,” MawMaw justified.

Liz stood up from the breakfast table and said, “Enough of this self pity crap!  Let’s go explore!”

Mucking Around

MawMaw’s jaw dropped slightly with Liz’s interruption which made Amanda giggle more. With that, the girls grabbed their shoes and went off to explore the property.  MawMaw was right; the whole area seemed to have flourished since Amanda had been there last.  The oaks seemed to stand taller as did the sprigs of fern growing up some of their trunks.  The moss that hung from some of the trees looked fresh and happy to be swaying in the breeze.  The grass, the wildflowers, even the birds seemed so alive and happy.  Maybe Liz was right to take Amanda to MawMaw’s.  Maybe she needed a bit of that fresh life to surround her and lift her spirits again.

The girls wandered around for quite awhile peeking into the wooded areas and some of the little abandoned cabins on the property.  The rain from the night had made everything seem fresh and clean though they had found their fair share of mud along their way and enjoyed “mucking around” in it as MawMaw would say.

It wasn’t until it got closer to lunch time and the girls were getting hungry that Amanda had realized she left the doll back in her room.  She had patted her pocket expecting the normal bulge of the little, stuffed body but when she felt nothing, her eyes widened and her heart raced.  She knew she would be in trouble.  She felt it in her bones.

Back at the house, MawMaw sat on Amanda’s bed with the doll in her hand.  She shook her head- a worried look on her face and whispered, “My, my ‘Manda….what did you do?”

6 thoughts on “11. Mucking Around

  1. So good, written with mystery and spark. I got to the end and felt the worry deep in my own belly.

  2. Time to time I like to visit. Catch up with the beautiful and Intricate world of Guiltless Miss. It is my glimpse into your world when you cross my mind. The writing gets more beautiful as I am sure you have too.

    From a old friend from the old pueblo.

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